fashion killer 008 Sano Turdiev

this girl absolutely does the damn thing imo // a style icon of mine she effortlessly pulls off streetwear chic // a big supporter of independent labels and local brands shes always got the freshest fits without looking over done //

hailing from canada model sano co-founded modelling agency zorella models // the shoots she’s in always seem to be fucking cool and shes got sex appeal for DAYS //

some of my top pick of looks from her instagram @sanolvna are below // what a style goddess //


fashion killer 007 karrueche tran

so yeaaaa this is one of the bait ones // but tbf the fashion killers is a mix of popular and known faces as well as the lesser known names //

so karrueche // this super cute chick had to be in there // the actress and model always has her style on point // sensual and chic style with a flair of streetwear //

whether dressing up or down this babe always looks the part // my absolute fave pic of her looks below //

certified style icon for real //


fashion killer 006 Danielle Leguillou

style inspiration comes in all forms // hailing from NYC Danielle for me is a gem in the way that her style is so streetwear but also super chic // its the perfect level of tomboy && androgyny && sexy && feminine // not an easy line to toe! //

this girl knows her brands and kicks as well // always repping the best in the game //

selection of fave looks of hers below //

ok AND shes sick at bball so basically i need to be her bestfriend immediately //


fashion killer 005 Kimberly Anthony

my style crush right now // some of you may not know kimberly anthony (aka @kimberlyskinny on insta) but this girl is killing it CONSISTENTLY in the style game //

born in Ghana and raised in Paris i love her personal style which is an eclectic mix of baggy hiphop tomboy looks && masculine tailoring with a strong sprinkle of streetwear // always keeping it real //

never one to fade into the background her looks often include experimental hair colours and matching nails && accessories // latest hair colour is ice blue and honestly it is giving me life // I miss my silver hair!!! //

few top picks of her outfits below //

too cool with it // what a BEAUTY //


fashion killer 003 Jessy Law

probably a lesser known style inspiration this LDN girl is one to watch //

effortlessly blending original streetwear style and high fashion I love the way she throws looks together // the ultimate sexy tomboy look //

mixing bold shapes && colours with perfect accessorising // I love this chick!! //

definitely check her out for style inspiration //


fashion killer 002 Kristen Crawley

you could be forgiven for not know who kristen crawley is // but the beauty writer turned beauty boss has been killing it in the fashion game //

owner of KNC Beauty and their famous lip masks // other half of streetwear designer Don C (Just Don) //

Kristen toes that tricky line of sultry and classy sport && streetwear // I am in awe //

rubbing shoulders with the likes of kanye and virgil its no wonder this killer has access to all the latest drops //

also she aint a play it safe kind of girl // originality points x 1000 //


fashion killer 001 Elsa Hosk

one of my top style icons //

this girl always looks good on and off the catwalk // her everyday style is the perfect combo of smart && sexy && street //

few of my picks from her recent looks below //

full archive of her street (and catwalk) style can be found here //

just have a flick through she’s a bad bitch!! // Props to her stylist and Elsa ofcourse //

can I get a few hand me downs pls //