THAT Alyx belt

if you aint rocking an Alyx belt (or knock off) by now what have you been spending your p on //

flooding the Dior show and seen throughout fashion week street style these heavy duty belts are no doubt here to say //

i like styling with oversized t shirt dresses && streetwear long sleeves for that on some chill shit look //

matthew williams nailed it with this one //


BOND hardware buzzsaw collection

i’m so glad Netflixs Velvet Buzzsaw reminded me of this statement jewellery collection from BOND hardware //

it was actually these pieces that got me familiar with the brand a couple of years ago and they still look sick //

arm cuffs && earrings && necklaces && chokers they’ve got the lot // the precision sharp edges and inner curves look simply beautiful // in platinum or silver //

designed and handmade in New York // Dana and Mariah are inspired by the power and edge of NYC subculture //

also they’ve started doing 3D printing prototypes which are cheaper versions made from acrylic!! // yes please //